Social media content

optimized for microbudget projects


Microcontent Lab is a creative workshop of Rocket Lab of creating microvideos for microbudget projects with minimized, efficient workflow.

MICROContent is different


In the social media world you need to keep engagement and interest alive from day-to-day, from week-to-week. You need to release eye catching microcontent on your product - as frequently and regularly as possible. The most engaging content type is a short video of 5-15 seconds which transmits feelings and great impressions about your product.

The game has changed

TV ads are the past, traditional marketing is constantly falling. According to recent studies we are spending more time on social media than watching TV. You need to change marketing habits to keep up with new trends.

Why would you spend more on less?

Average $ spent per impression is at least 10 times higher for a TV Commercial than a Boosted Social Media Content.

Why would you choose us?

We love making content. We have all the necessary equipment in our facility with all the professionals. This makes turn-around times very short, as we don’t need to push the creative process through individuals over and over again and gather every piece of the equipment puzzle from job to job.

Multiple Studios

Three different sized studios for different needs. From table-tops to full room background sets.

Cameras & Lighting

Standard and high-speed cameras, with the company of the latest LED lighting technology. We can reach 1000 frames per second in 4K or 2000fps in HD. Imagine what happens if we combine them with our nimble robotic arms.

State-of-the art robotics

Rocket™   and Stinger™   Cinema Robots are the most innovative robotic arms for filmmaking. Blazing fast speed, submillimeter accuracy.

Special Effects

We break, explode, launch, drop, turn, twist things. With perfect sync with the camera movement.

Visual Engineers

Directors, Awarded Cinematographers, Motion Designers, CAD Designers, 3D artists, VFX Composers

Computer Programmers, Electrical engineers

Almost all of our special equipment developed and manufactured by us. This means that we aren't bonded to actual features of the equipment. If some extra ingredient is needed for jor project, we develop that.


We deliver the footage finalized. We cover editing, color-grading, VFX, foley, sound mixing.

Manufacturing Facility

On top of standart hand tools, we have CNC Machinery including Mill and Lathe, 3D Printer, welder. We need something, we make that right away.

Virtual Reality

Besides of standard backgrounds, we are using 3D Real-Time rendered backgrounds if needed. This makes possible to have exciting backgrounds without manufacturing them actually.

How to get started?

Our team is dedicated to producing high quality videos that inspire consumers by triggering emotions and empower brands with optimized effort and budget with the minimum ecological footprint. We guide you through the whole process from creative ideas to shooting and finalize your video content. The whole process could be as easy as described below.

Step 1

To start, send us your product via your favourite parcel service. If you are struggling figuring out what to do with your product we could bear all the creative process.

Step 2

We create all footage with a short turn-around time. Be with us personally or follow the shooting via streaming, leave comments and exchange material online.

Step 3

Claim your content. Social media posts, banners, newsletters, forever and anywhere, no royalty. We cover all digital platforms.