Capture the beauty

of your product remotely


We have all the creative artists, visual engineers and state-of-the-art technologies to create stunning, next-gen commercials, social media content or display shorts. Cameras, multiple studios, lighting, special equipment, a bunch of different motion control devices.


Before diving into any details please take a look at the best moments of our recent work.


We are using the latest robotic and SFX technology to create amazing visual effects which traditionally could only be done with Computer Generated Imagery also know as CGI. The key difference is that our footages are looking more organic and real.

We design and manufacture our SFX equipment from scratch for dropping, launching, rotating, exploding, assembling and so on. You name your vision we make it real.


To achieve the best result, we believe it is essential to design
the project together.


We love to come on board early to provide you with the most suitable solution focusing on the best to your product.


Studio or location scouting
Special effect tests
Director’s treatments
Storyboard or animatics
Art direction
Set design and set building


We have the most innovative camera moving robots, lighting equipment, cameras operated by experienced visual engineers. If we need to move, explode, eject or make falling something tracked by high speed cameras mounted on blazing fast and accurate robotic arm.


Studios: total of 635 m2 / 6.800 sq ft
Possibility of streaming the shooting
High speed cameras and lighting
Special effects
Product care / Food styling


What if you can follow the shooting remotely from multiple angles?

Moreover you are able to direct the crew from your favorite couch in your living room while you can cast the main camera’s live video feed to your smart TV? You have the access any time to all marked takes and latest edits right away. You are good to go with your laptop, tablet or smartphone, no special devices needed, only a stable average internet connection. For the best compatibility we are using the latest and most common cloud conferencing, file sharing and streaming technologies. We offer the future method of shooting using recent devices and services.


We love making table-top content. We have all the necessary equipment in our facility with all the professionals. This makes turn-around times very short, as we don’t need to push the creative process through individuals over and over again and gather every piece of the equipment puzzle from job to job.


Three different sized studios for different needs. From table-tops to full room background sets.

Cameras & Lighting

Standard and high-speed cameras with the company of the latest LED lighting technology. We can reach 1000 frames per second in 4K or 2000fps in HD. Imagine what happens if we combine them with our nimble robotic arms.


Rocket™   and Stinger™   Cinema Robots are the most innovative robotic arms for filmmaking. Blazing fast speed, submillimeter accuracy.

Product Care / Food-Liquid styling

The most important for you. And thus for us, too. We work with the best professionals in town

Unique Controlling

Our Ignition software synchronizes multiple robots, turntables, lighting, SFX and realtime AR, VR rendering with millisecond resolution. This makes it possible to design all the motion trajectory and light altering in well-known 3D apps like Cinema 4D or Maya. Therefore our camera moves are just as perfect as CGI animations.


We break, explode, launch, drop, turn, twist things. With perfect sync with the camera movement.

Manufacturing Facility

On top of standard hand tools and welders we have CNC machinery including mill, lathe and 3D Printer. We need something, we make that right away.

Virtual Reality

Besides standard backgrounds, we are using 3D Real-Time rendered backgrounds if needed. This makes possible to have exciting backgrounds without manufacturing them actually.


Directors and DPs

The best professionals are here to serve your projects.

Ivan is a kind of Swiss army knife filmmaker - versatile functions and flawless attributes. He is director, DP and photographer in one. He has 20+ years of experience in the table-top field. He is based in Budapest, and he is fluent in English and German.
Besides beauty he is specialized in food and table-top. He has a huge experience working with all types high-speed motion control systems and his frequent collaborations with some of the best SFX teams and food stylists around the world make him a highly sought-after table-top DoP. He is mainly based in Budapest and he is fluent in English.


Some examples of what we do


For more information please contact us in 24/7. We’ll answer you very shortly.


Address: Rocket Lab Ltd., 158 Károlyi Sándor út, Budapest, Hungary, 1151

Rocket Lab is only 16km / 10 miles (22 mins) from downtown Budapest.

Medical Care during COVID-19 disease

Personal responsibility is the most important thing for us: everyone should behave
appropriately and pay attention to their surroundings and peers.

The on-set medic checks body temperature first thing in the morning and then in every hour.
No crew-member is allowed on set if she or he has fever, cough, or breathing
During our shootings we follow the WHO advice to provide protective measures to
prevent COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
We wear KN95 masks and gloves.
As there are max. 8 crew pers. on set, we keep a distance of min. 1m from each other.
We regularly disinfect hand-held objects in your environment.
Use air-sanitizing aerosol or essential oil indoors.
Enjoy warm, hot liquid regularly throughout the day (tea, herbal tea)
Educate the cleaning crew. Know about the dangers and follow the cleaning rules.
No crew member over 60 is allowed on set.
We do not eat meat and dairy products of raw or unknown origin.
Pay attention to the proper heat treatment for the food.